NodeJS: How to Listen to MySQL Events in NodeJS Server

Problem statement

How to listen to any MySQL events like insert/update/delete in MySQL database table in NodeJS server and trigger any other functionalities.

MySQL-events is a library that watches binary logs for MySQL. It is crucial to the MySQL database because it runs callbacks on matched events. A binary log contains all the database changes, such as table creation operations or changes to table data.

Description of the Issue –

I was working on my NodeJS server. I faced an issue in sending Firebase notifications to the admin user when different users make changes like insert/update operation in a particular table. In addition, I could listen to MySQL events through triggers only inside the database and not in my NodeJS server. However, all I wanted was to capture the MySQL data tables’ changes to notify an application without changing a previous code.

The Solution Offered –

As I wanted to listen to the NodeJS server’s events, I researched to find the different approaches to accomplish this module. I found there was an NPM that does exactly what I was looking for. It is @rodrigogs/MySQL-events. Thus, I leveraged the NPM @rodrigogs/MySQL-events (A node.js package that watches a MySQL database and runs callbacks on matched events like updates on tables or specific columns) to listen to any events triggered in our MySQL database table and trigger other functionalities in the NodeJS server.

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